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Take your current experience, learn how to write a resume or  take short courses to start a career! See what others are saying about our individualized CAREER SERVICES
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CVD INC is an Innovative Career Consulting, Job Coaching and Career Training Facility.  We are COMMITTED to utilizing your CURRENT talent and evaluating your education to assist in placing you in a NEW and Innovative Career.
 Specialize in Career Transition, First Time and Second Time Career, Veterans, Recent and Past Vocational And Adult Technical School Students, College Grads, Unemployed/Underemployed and ANYONE else seeking to change careers AND find a WAY for their Current Skills and or Training. 
Went to school and  ALREADY  Have a CERTIFICATION but zero job? Do You need Training to Get CERTIFICATION To  Get a Job?LEARN HOW to Secure a Great Career with Community Vocational Diagnostics
What if I have ZERO recent training?  We offer various courses to increase your maketability.  
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See Our Electronics Health Records Course.  See Our Health Careers Clinic Course and Free Training on Our Products Page
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Want to know more about out Thermal Imaging Services? Call 856-981-2751 or see our services page
​ATTENTION VETERANS:  Our NEW C.E.R.T.I.F.I.C.A.T.I.O.N.S. PROGRAM stands for Creating Education Related Transitions Into Fields Identified In Careers And Training Involving Our Nations (Youth) Service Members.  We also use Military Crosswalk to correlate Military experience into In Demand Civilian Careers! Veterans see our Research and Initiative

NEW! CVD INC is NOW working with Dr. Wang of Windsor Institute of Technology in Lawrenceville NJ which is now offering FULL Time Veteran Approved Training Courses for those that need MORE than just Military Career Transition Course or Refresher Course. Windsor Institute of Technology on Lawrenceville NJ is now offering FULL VA Benefit approved Courses and Certifications  for those Veterans that need or want MORE than a Refresher but also NEW Computer Tech or Allied Health Career! See info to left panel for more on Windsor Institute

CVD Inc is now a health facility that is now NHA Approved site for 
Certification Testing.   NHA is a leading Allied Health Medical Certification provider that is dedicated to improving health-care one worker at a time. Click Logo of NHA below to learn more about certifications . We offer Certified Health Records, EKG Technician and Medical Assisting..

NEW! Electronic Health Records Course

Have A Degree and want to utilize it to get ahead in the medical field? We can HELP!